Saturday, July 17, 2010

Your Web Identity - Clean or Not?

Have you ever searched your full name using Google (alone or with other key words), and have had fun looking at the results? I did recently, and finally annoyed by a very ugly hit!

oh, it was just a reply I gave while banning a  spammer, who posted that *crap* into one of our local FOSS groups. Finally that has created  an ugly google reputation, as well as the display in the discussion board, as given above. These pervs join decent groups just to post their $hit. Anyway think twice before replying to these discussions in the google or yahoo groups or other online forums. Your name may be associated with these search terms, by the Google Search engine's association rule algorithms.


  1. Shouldn't the group admin be able to delete spam posts from the group?

  2. Yes. Thanks for reminding Harini.

    Admins have removed the 2nd spam from the group, but this has others' replies on the initial spam. So still we didn't remove the discussion thread altogether, though we had removed the original post.

    Anyway, we should remove this discussion thread soon. It makes the group discussion board look ugly :(


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