Thursday, February 17, 2011

ජෝ, ඔයා කොහේද ඉන්නේ?

Facebook Exposes your phone numbers to your facebook friends, my friend mentioned. "Go to the top right of your screen, click Account, then Edit Friends. Go to the left side of your screen and click Phonebook. You can see your friends' phone numbers there, even if they have previously chosen it not to appear on their profile."

Obviously this is a fault from our end, giving away the phone number to a social network. Not theirs.. :) Still you can hide it from Accounts -> Privacy Settings. So not much to worry. 
I guess the recent increase in the wrong-calls I get, may be due to that? :D While I do not  bother much about this, it was kinda annoying, when some one kept calling me while being busy at work, "ජෝ, ඔයා කොහේද ඉන්නේ?" (Where are you Joe.. :D). Some one out there, pls help her find her ජෝ! :D

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