Monday, February 7, 2011

WSO2 Stratos ~ Signing up an account

Image 1: Home Page/Log in Screen
Image 2: Domain Name
Signing up an account at WSO2 Stratos is the wise step you would take when you feel the need to have an entire SOA middleware stack without actually worrying about having all the middleware being installed and configured for you yourself. As you know, WSO2 Stratos is just WSO2 Carbon Platform-as-a-Service. While you may be glad to have WSO2 Carbon configured and ready for you customized, you may also feel the need of a cloud platform sometimes. Won't you? Moreover, you may also feel the need of getting your own private cloud by downloading and configuring WSO2 Stratos for your organization, such that many departments will just register a tenant, and use it, without configuring separate servers for their own.

Image 3: Registering the domain - I
Let's see how to register a tenant -- Wait. We are going to have a look at Stratos - the trunk build -- Towards the next release of Stratos! ;) So this will be different in some places than Stratos-1.0.0 in the public cloud.
Image 4: Registering the domain - II

First Step (Image 2) is to enter the domain name. You can check whether your domain name is available to register as a tenant before going further.

After choosing the domain name, you can click next, to proceed to registering a tenant account (Image 3). Provide the other details. Your first name, last name, admin username, admin password, and email.
Image 5: Successfully Registered

After giving the information required, you can click 'Submit' to proceed with registering (Image 4). Once you have successfully registered (Image 5), a confirmation mail will be sent to the email address provided by you during the registration, within a minute or two.

Click the link provided in the mail. That will confirm your email address and validate your account (Image 6). 
Image 6: Successfully Validated

Once validated, you can get back to the log in page (Image 1) and log in using the username (adminName@domainName) and password given.
Image 7: Stratos Manager Home Page
After logging in, you will be able to see the list of WSO2 Stratos Services, basically the entire Carbon middleware platform as services, from the home page of WSO2 Stratos Manager (Image 7).

Now you have more to explore. You can always use the services, as you usually do with the Carbon based products, without feeling any change, with the luxury of having it for you free in the clouds, without using your resources. You will be able to access your services from anywhere and everywhere, without bothering to take your computer and services with you.
So still reading? Try it yourself! Sign-up an account NOW!

Update: Stratos Public cloud deployment has been replaced by the all new upgraded StratosLive Find the updated version of this blog post here, to read more about StratosLive.

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