Saturday, April 30, 2011

2011 ~ Something Different

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(d|  |f  g|  |h  j|  |k  |l|  (c  \v/  |b)  |n)  |m)

I was looking at one of the email from a well known person this morning and the ignorance shown by him towards the juniors in the community. Right or wrong is not always the right or the wrong. The correctness is mostly a function of the position, situations, and the persons involved for many people in the reality. Taking power from the position is not foss anyway. Motivation takes hours. Trust takes years to build. Turning someone off needs just a few minutes, with a *proper* mix of power borrowed from the position. In a related topic, I found one of the threads really interesting (!).

Some sites never cease to entertain us. One such site is "Clients from hell". While surfing the web, I found which has a huge list of pointless sites, as they claim. However they are really funny and interesting. Worth browsing once.
We are completing the first trimester of 2011 with this blogpost. \yay/. Hope the upcoming months will be more interesting. "Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana." Also have a look at Spanish alphabet and the pronunciation, if you want some more in the mean time.

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