Sunday, July 3, 2011

Satisfaction.. ;)

"you know the satisfaction that you get, when you have someone, a.k.a (also known as) a student, to humiliate whenever you feel so..."

Given above is one of the famous quotes I have been using to scare the mentees away, showing some sadistic face. :D Contributing to a FOSS project is always an interesting pass-time. Contribution can be of any form. Not necessarily a code, a donation or documentation to be included into the project. Even reporting bugs, hanging out in the community's irc. sending useful suggestions to the mailing lists, spreading the word, and even using the foss project - these are also valuable contributions to a project. 

"Why smart developers volunteer for foss projects than working on yet another paid project?" 
"Because the latter gives just money; the former gives satisfaction!" 

\yay/ for all the contributors and volunteers of the FOSS projects out there. FOSS rocks!

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