Friday, September 16, 2011

#WSO2Con ~ A Dynamic Telecommunications SOA platform - A WSO2 and 2° Co-creation

"A Dynamic Telecommunications SOA platform - A WSO2 and 2degrees Mobile Ltd Co-creation" was presented by Neeraj Satija, Software Development Manager, Two Degrees Mobile Limited, New Zealand, at WSO2Con 2011. It was one of the most interesting case studies from the users of WSO2 products, IMO. 2Degrees mobile has done quite an intensive research and has implemented lots of novel mobile services.

2degrees Mobile has 25% of the market of New Zealand. Neeraj started his session by presenting a brief history of wireless Telco Landscape in New Zealand and the 2degrees - WSO2 Alliance. Neeraj explained the rigorous evaluation and supplier selection approach of 2°. and how and why WSO2 was chosen among the other vendors including IBM, Oracle, and Mule, using a Capability Matrix.

The decision was to adopt SOA and light, flexible, scalable, technology stack - Hence the solution was Web Services and ESB. "Small company, open source, relatively newer, and from Sri Lanka - still had what is needed," Neeraj says ,"For us, WSO2 was the best among the all. Satisfied with WSO2, my trust and faith in WSO2 is justified. WSO2 is proved to be Scalable, light weight, and reliable."

Neeraj also discussed the vision and the future initiatives of 2degrees mobile. This session was surely an interesting use case of WSO2 products.

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