Friday, September 9, 2011

one year since...✍

The final days of the final semester were full of interviews. We all secured our jobs even before we completed the final semester. Interestingly we joined WSO2 on 13th of September, a Programmer Day. Programmer Day is the 256th day of every year, September 13th or the 12th on leap years. Our work started with a remarkable event marking the 5th year anniversary of WSO2, and it was September 17th, 2010.
Time is a complex element
Time has gone pretty fast. Really fast. It is one year since we have joined WSO2 as Software Engineers. Though we joined last year as Software Engineers, most of us have been in close contact with WSO2 since we had our internship at WSO2 in 2008, 6th of October, followed by the final year project, which was also from WSO2. This makes a solid 3 years with WSO2. 

WSO2Con 2011
Apart from being a company, WSO2 is a good learning environment. Experiments, trial-and-errors and inventions are common at WSO2, for a small-to-middle-sized-company with 125 members. One more interesting point to note is, WSO2Con2011 comes on the days when I mark my first year at WSO2. There are many interesting talks, hands-on-sessions, key notes, and tutorials to happen on the days. It is one of the not-to-miss events happening at Colombo.
We code with pleasure at WSO2. In brief, we love WSO2 and are passionate about working at WSO2. ♥

The year 2011 has gone into its last trimester.

Highlights of the year 2011
1) Google Summer of Code 2011 and Mentor Summit [Upcoming]
I am awaiting a great meet-up with the mentors all over the world from different organizations, around 360 in number. I was a mentor for a project from AbiWord. This year we had 5 projects mentored by AbiWord, and 4 of them were successful ones. It was an amazing experience and we had an interesting set of projects.

2) StratosLive ~ WSO2 PaaS
It is a pleasant experience working with the Stratos team for a year. However we do not have much separation as such teams, practically. We all work as "WSO2 Team", which includes Engineering team, Marketing team, Sales Team, and more. I have worked closely with the Marketing team too. That's one of the nicest features of being part of a team.

3) Sep 13th, 2011
So again, this marks my first year completion at the industry. If I consider the software industry a school, I am still in LKG (Lower Kindergarten). WSO2Con 2011 (13th, 14th, and 15th of Sep - WSO2Con Plus 12th and 16th Pre- and Post- Conference tutorials) will be remarkable for sure. This is the second WSO2Con, and luckily I was also able to attend the last WSO2Con too, which happened immediately after we joined.

4) WWW2011India, HYD
It was one of the great learning experiences, where I was able to listen and participate in many interesting talks and sessions on Semantic Web, Data Mining, Cloud Computing, ReSTful Design, and Social Media Engagement. Met many interesting folks too.

5) 2012 as a much-better-2010 (2010++)
2012 will be one of the interesting years, I foresee.

The first trimester of the year 2011 was something that could have been better. I would correct a few mistakes if I am allowed to go back in time. :) However I learned a lot, during that time.

6) 2011 as an extrapolation of 2010
Most of the positive or negative results of 2011 were actually the outcomes of the year 2010. 2010 was really a big fat year. The world outside is much more complex than the Software Industry. Reading people's minds is much harder than writing software. Software IS predictable [shout if you think otherwise]. I was a hardcore optimist. I learned that I should also wear black hats in times. Not all the things work as we architect in our mind.

Join us at WSO2Con 2011. I will see you all in my next post with the update on the conference September 17th, 2011.


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