Wednesday, September 14, 2011

#WSO2Con ~ Building a MobilePOS Solution with WSO2 Carbon and Apple iPod Touch

"Building a Mobile POS Solution with WSO2 Carbon and Apple iPod Touch" was presented by Thilanka Kiriporuwa, Head of Human Resources and Operations, Odel in the WSO2Con 2011, day-2. Kasun Indrasiri, Associate Technical Lead,  WSO2 joined Thilanka in this session. This session speaks something about ODEL which is one of the best shopping destinations in Sri Lanka and online. Hence it naturally grabbed most of our interests (as Sri Lankans).

In this session Thilanka explained how the MobilePOS application will be used in ODEL outlets, specifically the one in Alexandra Place, Colombo-07. WSO2 Mobile Application runs on Apple iPod touch and helps credit card swiping. The next time we go to ODEL, we will see this in action, providing improved user experience, eliminating those long queues during the busy Sundays.

On the other hand, Kasun was explaining the architecture of the Mobile POS solution, the technology behind it, and how WSO2 helped to achieve that. ODEL MobilePOS is exposed to the backend using JSON. The MobilePOS application was developed using Objective C. It talks to barcode scanner and credit card readers using APIs by LineaPro. Apple iPod is only the front end providing a JSON interface, where teh JSON is transformed into SOAP using WSO2 ESB. There is much more happening with the mobile gateway with WSO2 products at ODEL. Bar code scanning and credit card reading was supported by the iPod application 22 million sales have been done over the WSO2 Mobile Services Gateway solution at ODEL, so far.

"Even if you want to change the app to run on Android, nothing to change in code level for ODEL MobilePOS app, thanks to JSON," said Kasun, when answering one of the questions from the audience regarding why Apple iPhone was chosen over other mobile platforms such as Android. He also explained how the reporting component from WSO2 is used to generate various reports at ODEL.

For the interested readers - a white paper on this ODEL case study can be downloaded from the ODEL Case Study page in


  1. While to odel to buy some clothes this came as a search result :). Great stuff . But they had to be more selective when they selecting the device.

  2. so are you google searching odel, instead of going directly to ;)


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