Sunday, October 9, 2011

#WSO2Con ~ Engineering to take over the world

"Engineering to take over the world" by Samisa Abeysinghe, Vice President, Engineering, WSO2 was surely the best among the WSO2Con sessions, I would say. Samisa started his talk with a caution "This is just from my head and only from my head, and the definitions are not from Wikipedia or elsewhere." The talk was mostly the words of wisdom from his experience at WSO2.

In this post, I share a few quotes from Samisa's talk and a few interpretations of mine on his talk as well.

"Engineers should be managers"
Engineers are known for their analytical skills too, apart from the technical skills. I recall, during my level2, someone from the industry (sorry, I can't recall his name exactly) recommended engineers to follow an M.A in Economics degree. He suggested that only engineers can be good economists. 

"Engineering is an application of Science"We learn a lot of pure science in school and university. The applications of the science starts when we are at work. It is not just for engineering, I feel. It can be even marketing, sales, . You can learn 'Marketing Strategy' in school. But the 'Applied Marketing Strategy' starts when you apply the concepts and the theory in practice to the industry.

"Keep the customer informed; SLA is NOW!" 
Samisa explained the support model of WSO2. As a pure open source company, WSO2 gains the revenue from the paid customers, who pay for the support. ""Feel their pain - Go to them; Listen to them; See what they do; Deal with what they deal," Samisa explained the secret of delivering the best support"

Solutions, we provide
"We do not just do what users want. Rather we invent solutions for their real problems." Users are not always correct. This was also mentioned in the key note of Sanjiva.

Oneness"One product - One build command - One team." We have the Carbon platform, and many products built on top of that. Also the products as services over the cloud, where Stratos becomes the cloud middleware platform. "One" is important. "It is one team with many sub teams. But the whole is greater than the sum" Samisa explained the synergy of the WSO2 team. We have the Team - "WSO2 Team", and we just have sub teams, and no departments. "At WSO2 we don't refer to the people as #resources. People are people."

Apache Way
"Our way is Apache way - Open - Passion & Commitment, Community, Respect, and Meritocracy." "In engineering, everyone can design, code, and test"

Our inspiration comes from 'the team' itself. Existing and potential clients, academia, and competitors too inspire us.

Samisa's talk was really interesting, with loads of photos taken from WSO2 and the team, giving a snapshot of the life of WSO2ers' life to the audience.

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