Monday, September 19, 2011

#WSO2Con ~ Quality - The key to successful SOA

Charitha Kankanamge, Senior Technical Lead and Manager, WSO2 did a session on "Quality - The key to successful SOA" at WSO2Con 2011. The session mainly discussed about the differences between the traditional QA and QA for SOA, and the challenges faced. The talk was followed by an interactive Q/A, where the audience shared their opinions regarding the talk, and discussed them with Charitha. Charitha didn't fail to point out that unlike the traditional testing, SOA testing requires serious research itself. Azeez pointed out that this enables the QA engineers in SOA to switch to development easily, and vice versa.

"When defining a testing methodology for your SOA, you should have a good understanding of services, mediation, and composition." pointed out Charitha. He mentioned that the complexity of SOA should not let the quality to be compromised. "Your QA team and Dev team should work together for your SOA testing. Everyone is responsible for the quality". You need a proper unit tests, integration tests, and end-to-end tests, where some of them are automated, and SOA testing. Charitha also pointed out that there is no "automated manual tests". SOA testing over the cloud produces additional set of complexity.

"Discussing Testing is atleast a 10 hours task," Charitha announced after running out of time badly at his session, which everyone was actively involved.

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