Friday, September 30, 2011

#WSO2Con - WSO2: Disrupting the middleware industry

[Sep 16th, 2011] Highlight of the day: Traditional opening of the 3rd office of WSO2 in Sri Lanka. Interestingly, WSO2's 2nd office was opened on 13th of Sep, 2010, the very same day we joined WSO2. WSO2 is growing and expanding. :) New office looks cool too. #PowerfulSeptembers
Sanjiva Weerawarana, Ph.D, Chairman, Founder & CEO, WSO2 started WSO2Con 2011 with the keynote "WSO2: Disrupting the middleware industry". In this key note, Sanjiva discussed the path he chosen, how WSO2 was founded, the history, its culture, the people, the technology, and the motivation behind him starting WSO2.
WSO2 is lean. The entire product stack is very small in package size compared with the gigantic IBM's. Sanjiva explained this was possible because we were lucky enough to start everything from the ground level  from the scratch at WSO2, as re-thinking the middleware. Sanjiva didn't fail to mention that he is proud to see that WSO2 is often branded as a Sri Lankan company. He mentioned, contributing back to Sri Lanka was one of his personal motivational factor for starting WSO2.
Sanjiva's talk on WSO2 was very natural, and came without any exaggeration. I recall, a blog post titled "Work at WSO2" I wrote on Jan 2011 on my experience at WSO2 as a team member matches Sanjiva's talk on WSO2's values, traditions, culture, and people.
***The recordings of the keynote is available now!!!***

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