Thursday, October 13, 2011

#WSO2Con ~ WSO2 Vision and the Roadmap

"WSO2 Vision and Roadmap" was the final session and the final key note at WSO2Con - 2011, by Paul Fremantle, Co-Founder & CTO WSO2. In this session, Paul talked about what is going on at WSO2, what can be expected in the near future as well as the far future. He mentioned the way the architectural discussions take place at WSO2 - on going discussions over the corridors and over the mailing list. "WSO2 is 100% Apache license from day one, and based on wire level interoperability," said Paul. Paul also discussed what has happened to WSO2, since we last met at WSO2Con 2010.

Carbon Studio
Carbon Studio is an Eclipse based IDE used to create Carbon applications. Carbon Studio was discussed in a session, "Develop, Test and Deploy your SOA Application through a Single Platform" by Chathuri Wimalasena, Senior Software Engineer, from the WSO2 Carbon Studio team. WSO2 Carbon Studio has faced around 15 minor releases within a year. Paul didn't fail to mention about Carbon Studio in his talk. "Carbon Studio guys are amazing".

Paul also mentioned about the release of Stratos-1.0.0 and Stratos-1.5.1. Paul mentioned that StratosLive PaaS going live was remarkable. Paul then discussed what is new in Stratos. "Apache Cassandra / Data-as-a-Service (Cassandra support is now available on premise as well as over the cloud), Deployment Synchronizer, Elastic Load Balancer, Billing/Metering/Throttling, Logging as a Service, Local Transport, and Cache Service are a few to join.. There are a lot more." Paul also mentioned the WSO2's new Product 'WSO2 Load Balancer', "It is sorta alpha now". "A funky thing called Ghost Deployer is yet another upcoming improvement for Stratos". Paul mentioned that WSO2's marketing team is a heavy user of the Mashup Server.

Paul also preached a few non-techy things in his talk. More money doesn't always help, Paul explained this with a real incident. "It is easy to waste money when you have it. But it doesn't mean that it is going to take you there". He pointed out that a typical product team at WSO2 may contain just 2 -3 members, and this shows the power of the WSO2 Platform. It was also pointed out that in house expertise is stronger at WSO2, than WWW.

***The recordings of the keynote is available now!!!***

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