Saturday, December 24, 2011

The world is a paraboloid..

Finally, the year 2011 comes to an end. 2011 was a year with its own downs and ups. I still feel, 2010 and 2004 were the best of all the years. However, I was able to learn many new things and I strongly believe the impact 2011 made in me is really huge and irreversible. :) In summary, 2011 was a positive year. I am trying to analyze the year through this blog post, with a summary of the remarkable events of the year. 

For a software engineer (of course, for others too.. :)), work place plays a major role in his life. The open culture of WSO2 fits me pretty well. I always try my best to contribute to whatever I can. There is an array of webinars we did, and I have presented a few too. You can view them from "Webinars" in this blog. As a member of the WSO2 Stratos team, I have blogged more on Stratos and WSO2 Load Balancer. 

I have already done an analysis on the year 2011, when I blogged about my first year completion at WSO2, the 13th of September 2011. Read more on this - one year since...✍.  Similarly. "Open Source Evangelization and the evolution of the GSoC introductory presentation", summarizes the blog posts on the open source presentations I did on GSoC and GCI. This year, I have mentored for both GSoC (AbiWord) and GCI (Haiku). 

Sweetness of 2011
2011 had its own set of interesting days and events. Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit 2011 and  WWW2011India are remarkable.

2011 was a really good year for my blog Llovizna. 2010 was not a good year for my blog, I would say. 2011 was more of an extrapolation of the year 2009. I have blogged about most of my interesting life events through Llovizna, this year. Llovizna became a mixed blog this year - with blog posts touching random topics - not just technology.

how to ignore someone you love is one viral blog post of the year from me. An unreasonably huge delay of publishing one of my articles in a site, made me take a strong decision late this year - that I will publish all the posts through Llovizna only. 

The world is complicated
Hyperbolic Paraboloid [1]
The world is not flat. Rather, it is a paraboloid. I am good in mathematics - but alas, the world is much complicated to be represented by mathematical equations. 

Culture is NOT something our ancestors had or did at 500 BC. It is NOT something the books say. It is the principles around us today that makes us. Culture is NOT a static entity. It evolves. No individual can harm or destroy the culture. It indeed improves eventually, regardless of the popular belief. Even those who commonly acknowledge that they do not care about their culture too are bound to it. They may just avoid some aspects of it. What they avoid may just be the tip of the culture. Just like the tip of the iceberg. I was able to realize how the country and the culture have shaped us as who we are now, during my visit to the US.

Distributed Computing
I was looking into Data mining and distributed computing this year. Hope to research further on them in the upcoming years. 

The world is a paraboloid
This is one of the concluding blog posts of the year 2011, which happens to be the 100th blog post of the year. Like this blog post, the year too was a complicated mixture with lots of unrelated events packed together. Hope to have 2012 as a faster and more effective year. :) Merry Christmas and a very happy new year, everyone!

☠ ☠ ☠ ~ Whatever happens, keep running. The story ends, when you halt. Do not stop at any time. No time to pause.. ☠ ☠ ☠


  1. Nice post. Especially liked the part on 'Culture':) Btw now you have no reason to forget the 23rd of Nov;)

  2. Come on girl.. you gotta wrap up for the day now.. Hope you aren't affected by the owl-life-syndrome of mine.. ;)

    Take care.. :)


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