Monday, January 25, 2016

Studio Chhaya Wellawatte, Colombo, Sri Lanka - A Review

Sometimes, online reviews can be deceiving. Chhaya studio (also known as Studio Chhaya), Wellawatte is one of the most popular studios in Colombo for wedding/reception/engagement photos, with near 5-* review in the Facebook rating. However, how much can we trust these ratings? My experience would just give them 1-*. The final CD they gave us did not even have the registration photos. Just the crazy outdoor photos. How can we even trust these guys?

1. They did not respect the time. I was promised that the photos will be sent by email in 1.5 months (means, 22nd Dec). They eventually sent on the 22nd Jan (one month late), after several international calls from Portugal.

2. Chhaya studio agreed to offer the soft-copy of the photos by email. But the most important ones sent were in fact very low quality ones (they look like taken in a toy camera or a potato). When asked, they are requesting more payment for higher quality photos.

It is funny that when we were discussing the prices, they mentioned that they will offer the photos by email in 1.5 months. They did not mention a word about 2,500 LKR or that we will have to wait till the last day of album delivery. They surely did not indicate that the photos sent by email would be of very bad quality. So we had already paid the full amount even before seeing the photos.

Now their reply when asking for the photos soft-copy was,

"The quality of the images were increased as per your request. These images are not at their best quality, that is they are not in HD.These images are sent to the customers only to check if they want the particular image printed. The quality of the printed image will be at its best. As per our company norms, we do not mail customers high quality edited images. The high quality images are only given on the day of the album delivery, after an extra payment of Sri Lankan Rs.2500/= "

Also the photos were initially sent to another person Pradeep Chandran ( Now a random guy also has our photos. :S They even claimed that I gave them the wrong email address, instead of accepting their mistake (which is the biggest joke, as if I do not know my name and email address).

My advise is, do not trust the web reviews. Discuss in detail when you are choosing a photographer/videographer. Try to see and understand whether there is some trap or fine-print. Not sure whether they treat all their customers in this way (probably not, since I did not see much negative reviews on them yet). Probably only us, just because we are not in Sri Lanka? Please let me know in comments, if you have had faced similar issues with your photo studios and how did you handle it.

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