Friday, November 29, 2013

An introduction to CloudSim

Today I did an introductory presentation on CloudSim for the Implementation of Distributed Systems module. The presentation slides can be found below. The presentation and the discussion went up to 50 minutes. Everyone of the class was highly involved in the presentation discussion.
Introduction to CloudSim.pdf

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Game Theory - Concepts and Games..

Today we had two great presentations during our Advanced Distributed Systems class at KTH. Xiao Chen presented concepts of game theory, and games, during the 50 minutes. I did the latter part of the session describing the applications of Game Theory in Real life situations - another presentation which last for 50 minutes, can be found here. Xiao's presentation is given below for your reference. We had an awesome time.

We have almost completed our third month in Stockholm. Luckily it hasn't started to snow yet, though the days are extremely short, where the Sun sets at 3.30 p.m. Good for us. Not sure whether I am waiting for snow or just want it not to appear at all. Good work, my friends. Thank you Xiao for sharing the presentation.. :D

Game Theory - Applications in Real Life

Today Xiao Chen and I presented Game Theory in our Advanced Distributed Systems class. I presented the applications of game theory, and how it is applied to real life situations, mainly evolutionary game theory for evolution, network traffic modelling, and auctions. My presentation and the discussion lasted for 50 minutes. Have a look at Xiao Chen's presentation on the concepts of Game theory and Games, which was followed by my presentation. My presentation slides are given below. They also can be downloaded at Game Theory - Applications in real life.

Game Theory - Applications in real life