Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Radio Garden

radio.garden lists the world radios in a single world map. Go through it to listen to various radio stations across the world. Different languages and different cultures. It also has a mobile app. I am not responsible if you become addicted though!

Long weekends and short trips

Matcha Latte in Charlotte roadside

I am a big fan of long weekends. The 2-day weekends are too short to do anything interesting. I go for a long walk on one of the 2 days and the other day, stay home and handle stuff at home - mostly washing things, cleaning the apartment, and practicing some Chinese or Portuguese. But long weekends of 3 days are long enough to go somewhere. The arrival day is to idle and relax, and the second day is to have a full adventure and the final day to slow down and relax again before the return.

Have you ever associated a song with a city? This song, for example, brings me all my memories from Charlotte - those night walks and the light rail. I listened to it the first time while I randomly ended up in Charlotte.