Friday, September 24, 2021

The inevitable evil now known as the Zoom

Alexandria, VA
Zoom fatigue is a real thing. Most people do not realize how it can affect the productivity and overall employee health.

If a zoom meeting ends at 11 am, can you all please:
a1) avoid extending it to 11:05 am? (another meeting starts at 11 am).
a2) avoid crashing many things from 10:55 - 11 am? (yes, your presentation timing was bad - you need to work on that).

a3) end at 10:57 am instead? (a short bathroom break before the next 11 am meet).

It is important to finish on time, or rather 3 minutes early - especially those with more than 2 people. If it is just 2 people, we could inform each other and end earlier in case of another meeting coming up right after. But with more people, we are left to:

b1) suffer back-to-back meetings with no breaks for eye strains or washroom.

b2) get late to the following meeting, either missing part of that meeting - or pushing it to start later, making a snowball effect on losing track of time for all the subsequent meetings.

b3) leave the meeting in "the middle" at 10:58 when the meeting goes on 10 minutes out of the schedule, eventually making us lose 12 minutes of the meeting which could contain the crucial aspects of the meeting if you are going crash important things during those last few minutes (refer to: a1).