Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lisbon - Weeks 22 & 23

[30/01/2013] - Vacation! This fortnight was full of eating out, travels, and shopping.

[27/01/2013] Two of my batch mates were in Lisbon during this week, and it was really nice to have some Sri Lankans around, after a long time, and discuss some good old memories!

[23/01/2013] - We paid a visit to Leiria-Fátima, by Rede Express bus service, which starts from Sete-Rios (Metro Station - Jardim Zoologico). Fatima is a religious place for Catholics, with the church of Our Lady of Fatima.

Seagulls in Parque das Nações
 One month of 2013 is going to finish.. :-o 2013 is surely becoming the most eventful year ever. Successful exams, followed by a vacation, of which two weeks have already gone, like a beautiful dream - with joyful, interesting, exciting, as well as sad moments. I guess, I love Lisboa (and its food, drinks, the shades of the mild winter evenings it has to offer, and the lovely people..).. ♥

Feeding seagulls in Parque das Nações (Parque Expo), watching movies, metro journeys, travel by tram no.28, and trying different restaurants by Parque Expo were remarkable. I will surely miss my friends, when they start returning to their countries, finishing their studies in Lisbon.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lisbon - Week21

[17/01/2013] - Exams have completed, and we are also getting the results! Final results for 2 of the 3 modules are already out. The results are highly positive. :) Now vacation period! Movies, shopping, travels, and eating out!

Expectation: 30 mins technical call. Reality: 5 mins sales call.. AWW yeah.. This is 2013.. :P Still was glad to receive a long technical document, via email marked "CONFIDENTIAL", after quite a long time. :D

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lisbon - Week20

IST is full of oranges these days!
[09/01/2013] Exams have started, and are going pretty well. Done with Security and Parallel Computing, and remaining is cloud computing.
[08/01/2013] In the mean time, had a long shopping at Colombo, Centro Comercial. Lisbon is a good place to do some serious shopping.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A colourful new year

2013 just started with colours and style, as an energetic year. 2012 was the most successful as well as an important year for me. I expect 2013 to be more interesting. Very happy new year everyone.

Lisbon - Week19
[01/01/2013] - The count down for new year and the fireworks at Praca do Comercio was nice. Now time to get back to studies, for the upcoming exams next week.. :)

Kitteh Roulette
The Internet is full of cat people. I found an interesting site named KittehRoulette, which gathers a few interesting YouTube videos of cats, and shows them randomly. If you are a cat person, I would recommend you to have a look in this new year. ;) You will keep clicking "Next Kitteh!"