Saturday, March 28, 2009

SVN Commit in windows [Could not use external editor to fetch log message]

Trying to commit to the repository:
E:\INDUSTRIAL TRAINING\LEAD\event-notifier>svn commit
svn: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: Could not use external editor to fetch log message; consider setting the $SVN_EDITOR environment variable or using the --message (-m) or --file (-F) options
svn: None of the environment variables SVN_EDITOR, VISUAL or EDITOR are set, and
no 'editor-cmd' run-time configuration option was found

Let me read the error message:

Oh.. yes,
It just needs the log message, and as no external editor is set to fetch the log message, I should use the -m option to specify the log message for the commit.

E:\INDUSTRIAL TRAINING\LEAD\event-notifier>svn commit -m "Moved the pom and build.xml inside the event-notifier folder"
Deleting build.xml
Adding eventNotifier\build.xml
Adding eventNotifier\pom.xml
Deleting pom.xml

Committed revision 179.
[Also it seems 179 will be the final version for our svn branch, most probably!]



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