Thursday, October 31, 2013

Seasons of Portugal

Tagus River, cloudy in Vila Franca de Xira
When I was in Sri Lanka, it was not really easy to differentiate each of the months. However, in Europe I am able to remember each events easily in a time line. This is, I recognize, mostly because of the different seasons. In Portugal, summer represents life. Winter is usually wet and boring, with many rainy days. My October visit to Lisboa - cloudy and drizzling. Winter is not here yet. The autumn days! Missing summer.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Stockholm - Month 2

KTH, red in Autumn!
[25/09/2013] - Now the time has started to go fast. Cooking has become a daily routine. Final year gives more pressure than the first year, though the workload is relatively low. This is because, now we have to look forward for our future, what is beyond EMDC? To focus on our next stop. First years do not have this to think about. Weather is getting colder. 4  °C right now, at 10.15 a.m. 

[16/10/2013] - Two months have passed in Stockholm. Autumn makes everything colourful. The KTH main campus, which looked green, looks red now! It gets to subzero temperatures. The central heating is still not turned on, in the apartment. But it doesn't get much cold inside yet, when the windows and doors are closed. Days are quite busy with the Philosophy of Science essay, and it is almost finished by now. Time to focus on the project.