Sunday, July 1, 2018

Me and Long Flights

I enjoy watching movies on the long flights because they have English subtitles for foreign language movies. Sometimes I just fall asleep in the flight while attempting to watch a movie. :D

In 2015 I got my luggage delayed for the first time. The delay was by a day, and it was in PHX when I attended my first SDS conference. During the return trip, when I reached SJC after completing the trip, I was informed that there is a flight delay that might lead me missing my connecting flight in LAX. Hence, I was given a free shuttle ride to SFO and sent to LIS in an alternative route.

I love travels. I am not entirely sure whether I love or hate airports. When I look back, airports always left me with positive memories. But while waiting for a delayed flight, or when I had to rush for a connecting flight, it was rarely a pleasant feeling.