Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ravana (RĀVAṆA)

Magnificent view from Cacilhas..
I have named the upcoming product of my PhD, RĀVAṆA, to honour our ancestor. (RĀVAṆA was a strong king and he is a great forefather of the island country of Lanka.)

The weather is getting colder. I am reaching my third winter in Lisbon. Time indeed goes fast.
Today I marked all the emails in Gmail as "Read". It was slightly more than 6000, just in the inbox, excluding the filters. This was my first time to have zero-unread-email, since the emails were adding up since late 2008, in the scales of 1000s. Never marked the emails read in bulk before. Gmail took a bit of time to make this transaction, and Gmail was unavailable for a minute or two. Having a cleaner looking Gmail now. :D You may read this post to learn how to mark all your unread emails in your Gmail account "read" in one shot.