Wednesday, October 28, 2020

[MoNeTec 2020] A Software-Defined Internet for Latency-Sensitive Web Service Workflows

Today I presented at MoNeTec 2020 as a key speaker remotely. We were supposed to meet in Moscow. But of course as in any conference this year, MoNeTec too has become a virtual conference due to the COVID19 pandemic. As a biennial conference, we will meet again in 2022.

Abstract: The Internet is an inefficient platform for latency-sensitive web service workflows, due to latency, jitter, and performance disparity across the globe. Executing user workflows on the Internet in a latency-aware manner is a hard problem, given the distributed nature of the Internet users. Moreover, composing workflows from several Internet services requires communication and coordination across heterogeneous execution environments, including clouds and the edge managed by several infrastructure providers.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing provide an increasing demand and potential for more user control for their workflow executions. However, the Internet largely remains under the control of service providers and autonomous systems, thus providing limited capabilities to the users to choose network paths and web service instances for their workflows.

Through complete virtualization of network and its services, network softwarization offers efficient management of network architecture. In this talk, we discuss the flexibility and management benefits of network softwarization to support network-aware web service workflows. We further envision Software-Defined Internet (SDI), an extension of classic network softwarization to the Internet-scale, to support latency-sensitive web service workflows.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Pandemic Atlanta Lockdown - Week 32

Sri Lanka - COVID19 Cases

COVID19 cases are rising again, with new heights in new cases seen in USA, Sri Lanka, and elsewhere. Although we have grown sick of the pandemic and lock down, the current trend indicates that the end is not in sight. It is quite annoying and depressing. But that is the reality. This year taught me that even perfectly crafted plans can go horribly wrong. Last November we started what we thought at that time the perfect grand Asia trip, which was cut short by an unexpected pandemic and left us oceans apart for several months (and still counting).

 Interestingly, although I left my country in 2012 August, 2020 is the first year that made me feel lonely, away from my family, my close friends, and my safe circles. Now 2020 coming to an end, yet with the COVID-19 cases climbing high every day, not too sure how will 2021 be. As of now, it seems, the pandemic will ruin the whole of 2021 as well, unless some magic happens.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Pandemic Atlanta Lockdown - Week 29

Time flies fast...
This week went ahead as usual. I got some time to reflect on my 2010s. Interesting how people come and go in our lives. 

If we consider our life a novel or a teledrama, some people just take a few pages, some - perhaps a footnote, and some take whole chapters. Some people appear briefly before and later come back to occupy the later chapters. Life is quite dynamic, and more so for me since 2012 as I keep moving between countries. My friendships have become relatively shorter, as my friends and I, we all have been in continuous migrations thanks to the Erasmus Mundus, and its mobility during my MSc (2012 - 2014) and PhD (2014 - 2019). Sometimes, life is more interesting than a movie, with its twists and turns. Not forgetting to mention how nightmarish 2020 has been so far, for the whole world!