Tuesday, March 17, 2009


EventNotifierServce is a notification system developed for LEAD [Linked Environments for Atmospheric Discovery] System developed at the extreme labs of Indiana University. During the stay at WSO2 we (Supun and I) have got a chance to work with the LEAD System, and the project is mostly known as tryLEAD or LEAD Services. During the training process, we first developed a messagebox program using axis2. This Messagebox program was earlier developed using a SOAP toolkit, named XSUL (Web and XML Services Utility Library), at the extreme labs, and our task was really to convert the messagebox service using Apache Axis2. It should be noted, XSUL was also developed by the extreme labs.

Our next task was developing the EventNotifierService.
When a scientist runs a workflow, he can provide his interested events to the EventNotifierService with a notificationAddress. The service will listen to the workflows invoked by the scientists and notify them when an interested event occurs. Hence the Scientist can leave the system as he adds a request to listen to a particular workflow in the LEAD System, and hence his time will be saved.

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