Saturday, August 1, 2015

OpenDaylight Summit 2015 and Santa Clara

Love this name tag from the OpenDaylight Summit
~~ Ready to return home after a very productive conference and unconference, in a few hours. Now it is time to get back to my regular life for a while, and focus on my projects.

This year was full of travels for me, with 11 (short and long) international travels so far (and 2 more upcoming). The best part of this trip was to meet many interesting people, listen to many awesome presentations, and present my project. Unlike the previous trips, I did not do any random walks this time. But will continue in the upcoming trips. :3 I am unpredictable in my travelling habits anyway. I just don't have any pattern. :D

Next year seems more interesting as well, with an array of travels and "migrations" already planned - Shenzhen 2016, Atlanta 2016, and Louvain 2016. Sometimes I suspect that I am becoming a gypsy. lol.

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