Saturday, September 25, 2010

Over the road of flowers..

The last two weeks were really interesting and most remarkable. Our Advanced Database (CS4420) Module research paper "Horizontal Format Data Mining with Extended Bitmaps," got accepted for International Conference of Soft Computing and Pattern Recognition - SoCPaR-2010 (Paris, France. December 7th - 10th, 2010), under the category "Pattern Recognition," as a short paper. We got to know this exciting news on 11th of September. After a few days, on 16th, we were announced that our Mooshabaya paper too has been accepted to the 8th International Workshop on Middleware for Grids, Clouds and e-Science - MGC-2010 (Bangalore, India . November 29th - December 3rd, 2010), as a full paper, to double our joy. It should also be noted that both the projects were from us - the same 4 member team Mooshabaya, who are currently Software Engineers at WSO2.

Our job at WSO2 started with a remarkable week. The new building at #50 was opened the very same day (September) we joined. The next two days we had the WSO2Conf marking the 5 years of excellence of WSO2. The first week ended with the 5 years party at the Waters Edge. Walks between the forts of 50 and 59 over the road of flowers⚘. Loving these days... ♥ ♥ Cloud/Could Duality ;) And I am into WSO2 Stratos! I got into the Stratos (WSO2 Carbon Middleware Platform as a Service) team - Stratos Manager Component and Stratos Security as the first tasks. Finally completing one of the most remarkable fortnights with this post.

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