Friday, September 10, 2010

With Llovizna, 2010..

It is really a nice time to have a blog post on the recent past, looking back at 2010 and the yesteryears. 2010 has been one of the most remarkable years I have faced so far. Some events worth mentioning since the beginning of the year. First interesting event was the rebirth of my blog as 'Llovizna'. I feel it was a major face-shift for my blog. Followed was the completion of the L4S1 exam along with quite a good results. CSE IT seminar was one of the events those add some spice to 2010. It was really nice to see the effort of Sri Lankan undergraduates for their younger brothers island-wide. I joined the team that went to Jaffna, and it was really an excellent learning experience - learning the school kids, and the outcome was really successful.

The first highlight of 2010 was obviously my GSoC 2010 with OMII-UK, with the project OGSA-DAI. An interesting point to note is, even last year I had an interest in applying to OMII-UK project, where I later applied to Abiword as I loved to join the Abiword community due to my personal interest in the word processor as a user, as well as a developer. At that moment, I decided that, if a GSoC 2010 is possible, it should be with OMII-UK for me. So that goal was successfully met. OGSA-DAI project is one of the best FOSS communities for an enthusiastic developer.

The successful completion of the final year project 'Mooshabaya' must always be mentioned, when recalling 2010. Special thanks goes to my team mates, who are simply the best. The final semester exam followed after. It went pretty well too. After the exam followed the CS&ES Conference marking the 25 years of excellence of CSE, along with the ExMo Exhibition of University of Moratuwa, Faculty of Engineering. Sep 6th hence marked the completion of our undergraduate life. Apart from that, we are blessed to join the dream job that we are passionate about. My sincere thanks goes to WSO2 Team at this moment recalling 2010 so far, awaiting the remarkable 13th of September 2010.

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