Sunday, January 23, 2011

Faking a smile.. :-]]

When I was asked why I was seen confused, bored, or sad, I started realizing the value of a fake smile. A simple fake smile just prevents more white lies; moreover no one likes to see a frowning face.

Smiling faces in a lecture hall.. ;)
Though I am not a promoter of pretending, guess it is natural. As an optimist, I always feel everything will be successful by at least EOY (End-of-year), if not end-of-day. Guess I have mentioned somewhere before, "We should always compete with ourselves-of-the-last-year", which means 2011 should take us much higher than 2010.

The phrase "No question is a silly question" is often used fake to help someone to start interacting. Don't be surprised to see your questions left unanswered, if that is obvious. Careless questions often lead to the reply of "RTFW", a link to or, or in the worst case being ignored, when asked in a technical forum or open source mailing lists, which have volunteers who have smarter stuff to try than helping a child. Just Google before you ask instead of being too lazy.

It is not good to consider intermediate halts or breaks as failures. Smile☺ if you succeed. Fake a smile☻ if something goes wrong and keep trying honestly, and everything will be successful. I refer to the fake smiles which used as a shield by the innocent, and not a weapon of the dishonest!

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  1. Lol. Lucid!

    Nicely written


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