Monday, April 16, 2012

"Reading Level" ~ Google gets more interesting!

"Verbatim" and "Reading Level" are two new cool search tools from Google. Verbatim lets us search the exact term as it is, eliminating the spelling corrections, and all the smart features of Google.

Reading Level
"Reading Level" categorizes the search results according to the level of expertise needed in reading the page. Simple and easy-to-comprehend pages are categorized as "Basic", where the advanced and high-standard pages are categorized "Advanced". "Intermediate" stays in between. Highly technical or articles with complex language structures are often categorized as "Advanced".

I searched "Kathiravelu Pradeeban" using Reading Level, and found the below.

Similarly, searched a few projects that I am interested in.
Basic - 14%
Advanced - 3%

Basic < 1%

It is pretty reasonable to have the highly complex and technically advanced OGSA-DAI to have more pages classified as "Advanced" and only a tiny bit classified as "Basic". However, AbiWord, the word processor has more contennt classified as "Intermediate". This again is reasonable for an end-reason software product. Google Reading Level is surely an interesting feature.

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