Thursday, April 19, 2012


The sequels
I had a series of blog posts that I always wanted to write a sequel for. Some of them were from this blog itself, and some are from the other authors, which I wanted to extend by writing the part-2 of them. All my posts depict my view as of that particular moment. A sequel may be an improvement on the understanding on the same, which can even be in a different view from its predecessor.

However it didn't take much time for me to understand that extending is much difficult than writing something new. It is even harder, given that I don't like the idea to be second-hand. I personally hate to be the second in what I am really interested in doing. 

Public knowledge is public
Public knowledge should be open. Hate it when I see, "To read the full text of this article and others like it, try us out for 7 days, FREE". To make it worse, they become the first hit in the relevant google search. All the crappy search engine optimization (SEO) efforts of those guys!

On my way home
"On my way home" was initially the name of this blog. The thoughts during a long bus journey was always a major contribution or induction to write a new blog post, hence fitting the name of the blog. I changed it lately to "Llovizna", to fit the dynamic nature of the blog. "Llovizna" is "drizzle" in Spanish, also the name of a waterfall in Venezuela. Llovizna has seen a lot of blog posts. Some posts have a defined title, while some of them just summarize the random events in a form of a digest. This fits the latter, fitting as a sequel for multiple posts. Will try to expand these into separate blog posts. 2012 is going crazy and interesting. Hope to blog more later. :)

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