Sunday, April 5, 2009

Useful links for newbie Abiword Developers and students

If you are a newbie, read this first:

If you find a bug or rfe, feel free to use Bugzilla, and report an issue with the relevant information:

In case the issue is already there in the BugZilla database, cast a vote for the issue to make the team aware that the issue is popular and/or important.

The SVN Location:

If you want to contribute to the translation efforts:

If you want to download Abiword as a user:

Building Abiword for Debian based Linux distributions:

To build Abiword on Windows:
Using Visual C++:
Developing AbiWord on Windows using Visual C++

Building AbiWord 2.8 on Windows

If you find any issue as a user or developer, feel free to contact Abi team on irc:

Joining relevant Mailing lists according to your requirements is always recommended:
To join:
Mail Archives:

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