Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mooshabaya Screencast

This Screencast shows the development of Mooshabaya, evolving from XBaya workflow Composer and using WSO2 Mashup Server to deploy the mashups. This was created using XVidCap Screen Capture on Ubuntu 9.10 environment and no other editing tools were used. This is an unedited screencast which was developed as the first screencast of the project. We will publish more explanatory ones once we get the project more towards the completion.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mooshabaya - FNR5

Fortnight Report [29/10/2009 – 11/11/2009]
Index No: 060372T
Name: K.Pradeeban
Project: Mooshabaya

Further Research
Researched on the Extreme! Labs projects for the LEAD [Linked Environments for Atmospheric Discovery] Systems. Further Literature Survey on the areas I was mainly involved throughout the project for the final report draft.

Documentation - Initial Chapters of the final report
Main contributor to the first two chapters of the final report - Introduction and Objectives, and the overall report formatting. Literature Survey on Web feeds, XMLBeans, and XSUL2.0.