Monday, August 16, 2010

Wrapping up GSoC 2010

CXF Release Build
After a fix for a missing module in revision 1314, CXF release-build was successful in the test server.

Test Server
Version 1317 and 1318 focused on fixing some bugs in the test code. In 1319,  Base64 tests were done, using org.apache.cxf.common.util.Base64Utilit as the implementation of Base 64 encoding for OGSA-DAI for cxf based layer [1]. The default Base64 implementation of OGSA-DAI is, org.apache.axis.encoding.Base64, as defined in Base64 class of OGSA-DAI.

Conversion of char[] to string, and mapping the encode and decode methods of Base64Utility, is handled by presentation/cxf/client/src/main/java/uk/org/ogsadai/client/toolkit/presentation/cxf/ from the version 1322. This fixes the cxf base64 tests. Further, Base64Mapper interface will be in the core/common module, and  ogsadai.common.Base64 will have method public static synchronized void registerBase64Class(Base64Mapper mapper). Decode encode operations will use the instance of the interface, instead of the implementation itself. After 1322, cxf/server tests depend on the cxf/client module too. Hence adding it as a dependency in ant jarUnitTests for cxf/server in 1323. These changes made all the 13 tests of cxf/server module to run successfully [2], almost completing the development of the CXF - SOAP based layer for OGSA-DAI.

With the client toolkit for cxf, the pencils down date reached. Though we will continue with our projects, the changes we did to the code base after 16th of August 1900 UTC will not be counted as work under Google Summer of Code 2010.

ReSTful Layer CXF/JAX-RS
Version 1300 starts the presentation/rest for the ReSTful layer based on CXF/JAX-RS. XXXResource classes define the CRUDs, where the CRUD methods call XXX classes, the classes that calls the lower level implementation further. 1398 becomes the initial implementation of DataRequestExecutionResource for CXF-JAX/RS presentation layer. 

1399 provides a Simple ReST Server implementation. 1402 Lists resources for ReST resource types, while 1403 Gets and Deletes resources with the given resource ids. 1404 Sets the Lifetime, from the Request Service. ReST layer specific exceptions need to be written, and current error handling is very primitive for ReSTful layer.

CXF/JAX-RS Release Script
Commits 1406 and 1407 starts the release script of the ReSTful layer at trunk/release-scripts/ogsa-dai/rest, based on cxf/jax-rs. Needs more changes, and this script is still evolving. This becomes my final commit that comes under Google Summer of Code 2010 (Tonight 1900 UTC was the firm-pencils-down date).

Patches that cover my contribution towards the timeline can be retrieved by executing the below lines from the trunk.
svn diff -r 994:1407 presentation/cxf > gsoc2010.diff
svn diff -r 1274:1407 presentation/rest > gsoc2010Rest.diff
svn diff -r 1261:1407 release-scripts/ogsa-dai/cxf > gsoc2010Release.diff
svn diff -r 1406:1407 release-scripts/ogsa-dai/rest > gsoc2010ReSTRelease.diff
As the code is committed itself into trunk, the patches is practically not necessary, apart from the Google's requirements or for records.

Considering the modules, presentation/cxf, presentation/rest, release-scripts/ogsa-dai/cxf, and release-scripts/ogsa-dai/rest contain the code written during this Summer of Code. 1407 becomes the last commit that was done during the Summer, hence the later commits won't be counted for Google Summer of Code. 

The generated tarball of code for the code submission to Google can be downloaded from here.

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