Sunday, March 13, 2011

[Archive] Abi the Ant

I was going through the credentials of AbiWord and noticed, it was mentioned as, written by, "Abi the Ant " I found "Abi the Ant" was employed at AbiSource, Inc. as an open source evangelist. I later realized that it was just a character introduced by Eric Sink, the founder of AbiSource, and others, to represent AbiSource in LinuxExpo, other conferences, and elsewhere, similar to the Linux Tux. Abi the Ant was gladly answering the user queries. There were also discussions on making the Ant appear on the welcome splash screen of AbiWord. Anyway, as I see, unfortunately the life time of the Ant was not pretty high like that of the Linux Tux. Almost everyone has dropped the interest in the ant, unfortunately.

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