Tuesday, May 1, 2012

screenr - a web based tool to create screencasts

Recently, I was working on creating a screencast on how to create bpel processes using WSO2 Carbon Studio. The raw screencasts are given below. Make sure to mute the speakers before viewing these, as these include white noise, as this is not processed. To record these, I was trying xvidcap, my favorite video capture tool. But failed to install - as an installer is not available for the 64 bit linux. I tried two other tools, RecordMyDesktop and Istanbul. They just installed fine, but never produced good quality screencasts. Finally, I ended up using screenr (screenr.com), which records the screen from the browser, without the need to install any software, except java (enabled to the browser). This tool is pretty good, though it occasionally crashes the browser, and has a limit of 5 mins per video. This tool also provides the option to store and share the videos, and publish them directly to YouTube. The processed videos are uploaded to YouTube.

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