Friday, September 21, 2012

Lisbon - Week4

Instituto Superior Tecnico - Taguspark Campus
[21/09/2012] Yesterday, it was exactly one month since I left Sri Lanka. I flew to New Delhi on the 20th of August, with a transit of 3 days, and reached Lisbon the 23rd. That also means, I am marking my first month at Lisbon the day after tomorrow. The world is however highly connected. Thanks to the Internet, Skype, and Facebook, I am tightly connected to Sri Lanka.

An IST shuttle service connects Taguspark - Oeiras campus with the Alameda - Lisbon campus, which is otherwise, poorly connected to Lisbon. Taguspark is a science and technology park, full of major companies and industries. It seems the easiest way to reach to Tagus Park through public transport is through the bus route 15, which is infrequent. Hence we have to be careful not to miss the shuttle. Taguspark area is closer to beach, where the shuttle often takes the route through the scenic road adjacent to the beach and the Tagus river.

Lectures are going pretty interesting. We have formed 3 groups of 3 consisting of the 9 EMDC students for the lab sessions and projects, for all 4 modules. Apart from the Erasmus Mundus students, some local masters students as well as the Erasmus Students too join our lectures. Lab sessions will commence starting from next week.

Integrity Aristotle
I recently joined Elance, and wanted to verify my profile. They scheduled a skype video for integrity verification with Integrity Aristotle, which is a global id, and age verification service provided by Aristotle. I was not aware of the existence of such service before, and it was a nice learning experience for me. The service called me on the scheduled interview time, just to take a quick photo through the video chat. Within a few minutes, my Elance profile got a "verified" badge. Sounds interesting. Isn't it?

Our lectures have begun, and chances are high that these weekly posts getting shrunk. Vamos esperar e ver. :-)

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