Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lisbon - Week17

[22/12/2012] - Lisbon is getting into the festival season. We are finally having the Christmas break. Our exams start on the 7th of January. We have got the time table for the second semester already. The below modules will probably be the subjects for the next semester.
SDTF64 - Fault-Tolerant Distributed Systems    
PADI764 - Middleware for Distributed Internet Applications
CMov764 - Mobile Computing    
AVExe364 - Virtual Execution Environments

[21/12/2012] - I got the residence permit from SEF. We also have already bought the flight tickets to Madrid and Barcelona, for the EMDC winter event 2013.

[20/12/2012] - We are done with all the project demos, discussions, as well as the Security presentation on SeCrawler, which is a role-aware Secured Crawler, based on Crawler4j library.

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