Monday, February 18, 2013

EMDC Winter Event 2013

Picturesque Segovia
Weeks 24 & 25 
[13/02/2013] - The last two weeks of the vacation were spent at Spain (Photos), in Madrid, Segovia, Barcelona, Nuria, and Sitges.

2nd Semester!
The second semester started on the 13th. The new semester has an interesting time table. We have lectures on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Finally, weekend has become longer than the weekdays! Like the first semester, this semester too we have 4 modules - Middleware for Distributed Internet Applications (PADI764), Fault-Tolerant Distributed Systems (SDTF64), Virtual Execution Environments (AVExe364), and Mobile Computing (CMov764). We already have formed the groups for the projects, and are ready for yet another interesting episode. 

Sitges Carnival was full of partiers parading!
Trip to Spain
EMDC Winter Event (6th - 8th, Feb 2013) was held at Vall de Núria. We planned a Spain trip (3rd - 11th, Feb 2013) along with the winter Event, covering Madrid and Barcelona, along with the neighbourhood, including Segovia and Sitges. Our flight itinerary was, Lisbon -> Madrid -> Barcelona -> Lisbon.

We spent the first few days in Madrid (3rd - 5th, Feb). We were at Segovia on the 5th of Feb. Segovia is a silent and charming neighbourhood, with a wonderful architecture, including the Gothic Cathedral of Segovia and Aqueduct of Segovia. We went to Barcelona on the 5th night, and had a brief meeting at UPC, on the 6th.

La Vall de Núria
Heavenly Nuria - This is where we stayed!
Then we moved to Nuria, where we enjoyed the snow, skiing, food, games, and presentations. It was an awesome experience, and the special thanks goes to the professors who organized this event pretty well, and the industry experts and the senior students, who shared their knowledge and experience with us. Travelling by the rack train that connects Nuria to Ribes was a remarkable experience. The change in the landscape and the climate was obvious. Mountains covered with snow, and heavy snow was the norm in Nuria.

We noticed that French border is just in a walking distance, from where we are right now. Snow, and -10°c. (Feels like -24°c). However, in winter, I don't think it's even possible in this heavy snow, except for those who are into adventures.

The Erasmus Mundus EMDC 2012 students from IST and UPC introduced themselves with two presentations. The EMDC-IST introductory presentation introduced all 8 of us.

On the 8th, we returned to Barcelona, where we stayed for the rest of the days, visiting CosmoCaixa Barcelona (formerly known as the science museum of Barcelona), Park Guell, and the other attractions around. Interestingly, we also got the chance to enjoy the carnival at Sitges, on the 10th of February. I enjoyed Spain. However, my preference is still Lisbon/Portugal. The comforting weather, availability of varieties of stylish food, the lovely people, or just my personal preference. Probably, I am just addicted to Lisbon.


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