Monday, December 30, 2013

Friends and Goodbyes

Dark and cold Copenhagen
I never had to say goodbye to many people in my life before. As long as we are in our motherland, the goodbyes are not that strong. We will meet again someday for sure. But in an international environment, we are not quite sure when we will meet some of our friends again. I made quite good friends in 2012 to whom I had to bid farewell to (and they to me) in 2013. Each year brings me its own set of friends. This year, I made some good friends - from China, India, and all over the world this year.

The end of this year was interesting. Remarkably, I was leaving Stockholm and returning to Lisboa. We just returned from Copenhagen from a short trip, before flying back to Lisboa. This was also my best new year vacation so far! I hope I will have better ones in the future though.

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