Tuesday, April 22, 2014

[GSoC 2014] Data Replication / Synchronization Tools

Project Mentor: Ashish Sharma
Short description: Consumers download the data by searching the image repository using the browser. The information that the consumer is interested in, gets updated whenever the data producers update or add patient information. The current download tool lacks the ability to track the relevant updates to the consumer. A pub-sub solution based on Apache CXF, utilizing the JAX-RS REST API of CXF will assist automated downloads to the consumers.

I am happy to be back wearing the student hat in the GSoC after a long time, with the transition of Student (AbiWord) -> Student (OMII-UK) -> Mentor (AbiWord) -> Mentor (AbiWord) -> Mentor (AbiWord) -> Student (BMI-CCI). Interestingly, this is the 10th GSoC, and the 6th Google Summer of Code that I am involved in. This is also my 3rd time as a student, and the first time ending up in the de-duplication, with Freenet and Emory BMI, where both of them are two awesome project communities. My thanks goes to the mentors and developers from both organizations. Hope I will be able to work with Freenet in the upcoming years, as I could work with only one organization in a summer. I have already started playing with Freenet, as a side effect of the GSoC. :-)

I will probably keep this blog updated with information related to the GSoC 2014. My sincere thanks goes to my supervisor Prof. Luis Veiga for his continuous motivation, and also for encouraging me in GSoC. My thanks also goes to OGSA-DAI mentors and developers from the EPCC at the Edinburgh University, which was the first university affiliated lab that I worked with, for a GSoC. I loved that experience. I loved being with AbiWord as a student and as a mentor. This year, AbiWord chose not to participate in the GSoC, after its successful participation since 2006 to 2013.

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