Monday, July 14, 2014

The third summer in Lisboa..

Cape St. Mary, Faro
So the summer is back. Hot and shiny long days. UPC and KTH guys have also done their defence. That means, 2/3 of the EMDC 2012 family has already graduated. Even the remaining of us - the IST guys, have received the last scholarship of the program, which reminds the end of the program. Time has gone too quickly.

[12/07/2014] Enjoying my third summer in Lisboa. Time for some beach. Went to Faro (using Rede Expressos bus, with a student discount). From Faro, took an "Animaris Ferry" for return trip 10 Euro, to Ilhas Desertas (Also known as Desertas Island or Ilhas Barreta) to see the Praia da Barreta beach and Cape St. Mary, the southern most point of the mainland Portugal. Faro was awesome with lots of birds.. :)

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