Saturday, October 3, 2015

2015 and the Flowers of Autumn

Flowers once more.
Each year is different, specially in Europe. This year, it started to get colder in August. But summer returned in September. It is getting a bit colder, yet sunny in Lisbon in October. The small plants in my apartment are having colourful flowers, just like in summer, once again in 2015.

This summer was pleasant. Spring was equally comfortable. Autumn has just started. So I will refrain from complimenting it yet. I kinda miss the early days of 2015. :) It went smooth and I had a good time.

The trip to Frankfurt was the first this summer. It is just a small city. Till early September, I was travelling a lot this year. Even after that, I still have 3 papers accepted to 3 different conferences - that means, in 3 different countries. Due to the clash in my time schedule, visa delay, or other reasons, I could not attend. Hence, I missed the opportunity to travel Sydney - Australia, Rhodes - Greece, and Vancouver - Canada this year. However, that does not demotivate me, as I am enjoying the sunny Lisbon, working on my EMJD-DC projects. :)
Frankfurt river view.

Also I just completed my first year of PhD, and entered the second year a few days ago. Have a long way to go. This year felt long, but at the same time, it also felt that the time passed pretty quick. It is contradictory, I know. Winter is not so cool in Lisbon. Specially when it just rains - wet and cold. There is no proper central heating system either. No snow and so there is no fun associated with snow, unless I decide to travel to some other countries. More or less, I have been living in Portugal for 3 years. However, with the mandatory mobility and internships, I am foreseeing my next migration next year. I am starting to feel the fear how can I pack all my things for the migration. :P Probably I will have to throw a considerable amount of things before moving. I also contribute to the Humana Portugal regularly. That is really a great initiative, reducing wastage specially when we leave the country.

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