Saturday, March 26, 2016

AMIA Joint Summits 2016 and MediCurator

I presented two of my papers at AMIA 2016 Joint Summits on Translational Science in San Francisco this week. One of them was a podium abstract, while the other was a poster. This was the first time I presented a poster, and I enjoyed it. You may find the slides below.

Near Duplicate Detection for Medical Imaging Data Warehouse Construction from Kathiravelu Pradeeban

Abstract: Medical data warehouses and image archives are constructed by integrating multiple private and public data sources. Finding almost identical entries is crucial for warehouse construction. Existing solutions tend to be too specific, such as Master Patient Index (MPI) for patient records. Multiple dimensions and attributes including medications, clinical, and pathological data should be considered for a complete duplicate detection and elimination. This paper describes MediCurator, a generic near duplicate detection platform for medical data warehouses. 

CURRENT CONFERENCE AND TRACK: CRI: Clinical and research data collection, curation, preservation, or sharing

I enjoyed the conference. However, San Francisco was unpleasantly dirty, specially the neighbourhood close to the conference location (Parc 55 Hilton).

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