Sunday, June 12, 2016

Moringa Leaf Powder from Atlanta YDFM

Moringa leaf powder, the "super food".
Some marketing material, back side.
Your Dekalb Farmers Market (YDFM), one of my favourites in Atlanta. Every visit, I find something new. During the last couple of visits, I noticed something called "Moringa tea" and "Moringa Powder" from Africa. This time, I decided to buy it. I thought it was 8.99 USD. But at the cashier, I realized it was 18.99 USD. However, I still bought it. I came home, and attempted to consume it mixing with some warm milk. It turned out to be the powder made from the leaves of drumstick or horseradish tree, which in Sinhala called "Moringa". Moringa leaves are something which are readily and freely available in Sri Lanka.

While we consume the drumstick itself, I never thought we eat the leaf powder. It is bitter, and funny I spent this much for the leaf powder (probably 100 times more expensive than in Sri Lanka). This powder also tastes like the bay leaf powder, which I also bought in YDFM for just 1 USD (around twentieth of the price). Probably I am the only one who bought this overpriced item in the recent days. Surprisingly, being a Sri Lankan, I should have known what does moringa mean. :)


  1. Hey, Kapes. I used use Moringa on a daily bases. A sachet weighing about 100g or so (not sure) cost around $1.50 here. Makes me feel energized :-D

    1. Hi machan, similar price in Sri Lanka. Felt ashamed after buying this for this much price. This is 226.80 g. I just have few more months here. I don't even think that I can finish this before we move again.


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