Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Tyk 2.0 in Centos

There are some minor changes in setting up Tyk 1.9 and Tyk 2.0, and also some differences between setting up on Ubuntu vs Centos.

Installing Tyk 2.0 on Centos is described here.

sudo /opt/tyk-gateway/install/ --dashboard= --listenport=8080 --redishost=localhost --redisport=6379 --domain=""

sudo /opt/tyk-dashboard/install/ --listenport=3000 --redishost=localhost --redisport=6379 --mongo=mongodb:// --tyk_api_hostname=localhost --tyk_node_hostname=http://localhost --tyk_node_port=8080 --portal_root=/portal --domain=""

sudo /opt/tyk-pump/install/ --redishost=localhost --redisport=6379 --mongo=mongodb://

sudo service tyk-pump start
sudo service tyk-dashboard start

sudo service tyk-dashboard restart
sudo service tyk-gateway start

sudo /opt/tyk-dashboard/install/

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