Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Worst of LinkedIn: Those who warn of scammers in a scamming way!

So we all know that there are so many scammers in LinkedIn by now. Many of them try to get views or attention to their profile by posing as a recruiter in a city like Dubai or Doha, or by posting silly mathematical questions. The worse is those who fall for this scam, and write down their email address to the public display and to be scrawled by the spam bots. Some just "like" the status, or type "interested" or "pls review my profile", as that is the best way to prove their competent in the posted job.
Worst scammers of LinkedIn

Now the worst kind of scammers: see the above screenshot.

The status, by default, shows only the first 5 lines. For the entire message, you need to press "Show more". Hence, the unsuspecting LinkedIn users give their contact details as they would do for a LinkedIn job posting I discussed before. They would not read and realize that this status was posted as a warning.

I will explain why these guys who attempt to give light to the con recruiters in LinkedIn are the worst. First, if he was genuine, he would have started the message with the warning, such as "Pls do not fall for this type of scams in LinkedIn:", instead of making the warning hide deep below the advertisement. If you go through the comments, almost everyone has given their contact details, with only a very few commenting how others have misinterpreted this gentleman's kind gesture. 

Little did they know that this type of statuses are very common and popular. In fact, they serve the same purpose. Getting more views to your profile. These are worse, as they are made to obviously make fool of those who commented. Besides, this trick can be used by anyone, not just recruiters, hence increasing the potential reach of the scam.

Don't be this guy, who ruins LinkedIn for everyone! I have been unsubscribing from everyone who falls for these shit to keep my LinkedIn sane.

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