Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Where the "textbook-marketers" went wrong

Repeating identical emails and mail even after unsubscribe
All over LinkedIn and Twitter, I hear how you should never give up as a sales/marketing person. Didn't you hear back from the first email? Do not give up. Send a follow-up email. Better, send a Twitter message. Send one more reminder next day. Keep posting. Someone was bragging in LinkedIn how their 11th email got a positive response. What is the morale of the story? Never give up. Wrong.

You guys spam everyone. Our attention span is limited, and mailboxes are flooded with messages. But when you decide to spam my university email with useless advertisements on a daily basis, that is not right. That just makes me lose trust (if I had any, previously) on you.

One example was a predatory book publishing company. They had the liberty to subscribe me to their mailing list around one month ago. After receiving 9 emails in ~30 days (they were the most frequent mail sender to my university email address last month), I finally unsubscribed yesterday from their mailing list that I never subscribed myself in the first place. I got the email "You are unsubscribed." Everything is fine now; right? No. I got another email (a regular daily one) from them reminding me that they are waiting for my response for one of their offer?!. So that is the 11th email. It seems I have no way out. Today morning I sent them a personalized email asking them to unsubscribe me. Also left them a twitter message. Let's see how long this spam game goes. (Update: They sent me a well-written email apologizing for this. I hope this is resolved. Let's see. :))

In short, if you are an entrepreneur and have an excellent idea, and decided to send me a message, that is fine. Don't send me 11 messages just because I may reply positively to your 12th message. Remember, we are spammed by millions of such offers every day. If I am interested in your offer, I would have replied to your first email itself. Also, given that my unsubscribe request and my personalized email to unsubscribe me from their list were ignored, I am not even sure whether they will take me seriously even if I send an email mentioning "I am interested." Maybe they will. They are programmed to read only positive emails, probably. Never mind. Now, let's get back to real work.

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