Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Ep 3: The Transit [Memories of Portugal]

This post is part of a series on my life in Lisboa.
2016 October - 2017 January
The small pool area of our apartment
As per Erasmus Mundus requirements, I must get to my 2nd university ideally during my 2nd year. I was already late. It was October 2016, and now I am in my third year - not a junior student anymore. We returned to Lisboa from Atlanta. But we planned to go to Belgium for my 2nd university (UCLouvain) by 2017 February. We rented a small studio apartment in Olaias since our intended stay in Lisboa was indeed short. We used UniPlaces to find the apartment. UniPlaces list apartments in a higher price, to cover their own expenses. But it gives some peace of mind. Therefore, from 2017 onwards, we decided to use UniPlaces for our apartments.

Playing with candles
Olaias had a beautiful metro station. It is just one metro station away from Alameda, and therefore quite close to my university. The apartment also had a small swimming pool that we shared with the neighbors. It is so small, and the autumn is here anyway. Therefore, no one really used the pool. We spent some time in the poolside though.

The studio apartment was small. It felt tiny, given that we just returned from Atlanta where we had rented a much larger apartment. When we left for Belgium a few months after in 2017 February, we left our stuff in a storage facility instead this time, rather than bothering our friends once more with a whole load of stuff.

Palacio do Gelo, Viseu
Despite a short stay in Portugal this time, we still managed to visit some more new places. Our trip to Viseu was remarkable. We stayed in one of the best hotels in Viseu. We visited 2 of the shopping malls in the town. The town was emitting positive vibes with lots of young families. Moving out from Lisboa this time was smoother than last time, as we were already prepared for the move. We did not even unpack many bags when we came back from Atlanta, to be prepared to move out again!

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