Future Blog Posts

This page lists the upcoming or potential blog posts in Llovizna. I maintain this list as a way of tracking the ideas that strike my mind when I do not have enough time to write them down as a complete blog post.

1. A few things I wish I did earlier in my Ph.D. thesis writing.
2. My weekends and long weekends over time
3. Kymlinge | Metro stories
4. Life choices and decisions and a chess game.
5. 3 Years Atlanta.
6. Metareviews, Metametareviews, and reviews of reviewers.
7. Mesmerizing Saudade of Portugal - Lisboa (Parque das Nações, Almada, Saldanha,..), Porto, and Lagos.
8. Coffee on Macbook Pro.
9. Songs and memories.
10. A summary of my EMDC journey.
11. A summary of my EMJD-DC journey.
12. Part-3 | A Profile Update
13. Coffee memories - Portugal to Atlanta.
14. Saudade of Louvain-la-Neuve
15. Llovizna | A post of future posts.
16. Llovizna 10 year challenge.
17. My favorite restaurants of Lisboa.
18. How does Amazon.com handle customer reports?
19. Visiting new places vs revisiting - new vs old memories.
20. A few things that made my 2010s interesting.
21. 3 Decades of memories.

Last updated: Feb 2019.

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