Tuesday, April 21, 2009

[GSoC 2009] Port AbiWord for Windows to Unicode

It's very nice to see me got selected for GSoC2009. And Abiword is one of the world's best and dedicated Open Source Organizations. I feel really honoured to join the Abi Team. 5 GSoC applicants have been selected for Abiword this time too, as usual (This was the case for the last 3 years).

My Project : Port AbiWord for Windows to Unicode

Project Proposal

Mentor : Mr.Dominic Lachowicz

List of Selected students for Abiword can be found here.

It's great to have a chance of getting a task that we prefer personally. GSoC offers us this opportunity. At this time, I have to consider more on my upcoming schedule and I will be following my project proposal time line for that.

I have to mention the great help offered to me during March and April by the Abiword developers. sum1, Robert Staudinger, Dominic Lachowicz, and Jordi Mas were always providing help and guidelines, whenever required, encouraging me and the other applicants.

Congratz to all my friends from University of Moratuwa who got selected for GSoC2009 and all the selected applicants for Abiword.

Awaiting an exciting summer!
Thank you.

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